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Assurance and audit for complete peace of mind

Corporate Finedge provides a full range of assurance and audit services to comply with international auditing standards, combining technical excellence and professional objectivity that give your stakeholders complete peace of mind across the spectrum of assurance in your organisation. 
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Clarity. Objectivity. Technical expertise.

Since 2009, Corporate FinEdge has been partnering over 1,000 businesses, blending cross-disciplinary expertise, knowledge and network connections to conduct a diverse range of audit and assurance services that give our clients a complete peace of mind.
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Highly Trained Professionals

Our Audit and Assurance professionals come from all walks of life, and bring a depth of experience combining technical knowledge and expertise across the regulatory and assurance landscape, so you get highly relevant and practical solutions across your compliance requirements.
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In-depth advice

Get insights where it matters

Combining our various skills and knowledge in accounting and compliance, Corporate Finedge provides practical advice to clients from a 360° perspective, giving you the necessary insight to make the right call with clarity and accuracy.
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Survive and thrive

Adapt, Succeed, Thrive

Organisations today need accurate, reliable information that they can trust to make decisions on. Corporate Finedge gives you the right insights, backed by careful, meticulous analysis, and years of relevant expertise.
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We're your assurance partners

Corporate FinEdge acts as your Assurance and business services partner, providing you with the necessary financial information you need to move forward.
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Full Service

Assurance Experts At your fingertips

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Grow predictably and with confidence with Corporate Finedge's full range of audit and assurance services to give you complete peace of mind.

Audit and assurance

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Get accurate insights into the financial workings of your organisation with Corporate Finedge's knowledge and expertise applied across your auditing and financial accounting related matters. 

Statutory Audits

Analyse your accounts and comply with the latest regulations as stated by the relevant authorities.
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Special Purpose Audits

Satisfy the requirements of your stakeholders with a special purpose audit conducted by our experts.
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Reviews & Certifications

Run any financial accounting statement or document by us to assess its validity, accuracy and more.
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Other Assurance

Beyond standard compliance services, Corporate Finedge offers a complete suite of assurance solutions.
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Other Attestation Services

Ensure that your documents comply with stringent criteria for Notary Processes and more.
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Statutory Financial Audit

Ensure that your financial statements comply with the latest regulations and standards.
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Interim Financial Audit

Convey the performance of your organisation to investors, stakeholders and more.
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Certification Of Fin. Information

Certify and verify that certain financial information is true, accurate, and fairly assessed.
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Get complete peace of mind with Corporate Finedge

Corporate FinEdge helps busy and results driven companies like yours handle all the financial and accounting legwork, so that you can focus on your business success. 

Outsource your financial and accounting operations to us for better results at a lower price than an in-house accountant.


Flexible Options

Outsource non-essential, time-consuming aspects of your business, such as expenses, profits, and assets.
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Industry-Grade Advice

Stay up to date with financial trends, common mistakes, and know your best options for dealing with any specific business situation.
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Save Cost, Gain Time

Get expert advice and help direct from the professionals and make better decisions for your business with confidence.
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Focus On Your Core

With Corporate Finedge, enable deep dive into mission-critical business drivers that are core to your business success.
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