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Businesses today navigate waters fraught with uncertainty and murkiness in a VUCA world. From mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, business valuation, financial due diligence, business startup services and other related services, Corporate FinEdge gives you clear recommendations based on our experience and expertise, that gives you the confidence to take the right foot forward.
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Why Business Advisory?

Move Forward With Confidence With Corporate Finedge

Business today is fragile, tough to decipher, and complex. Corporate Finedge combines years of experience in the field, networks and partnerships, and data-driven methodologies to give you the right answers to the toughest questions.

Make decisions with confidence

Never worry about moving in the blind. Corporate Finedge’s accounting and business experience gives you the confidence you need to execute the right decision based on proper insights.
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Get 360° advice on your business impact

Corporate Finedge has expertise around different core aspects of a business that can measure and evaluate the impact of your decision on your business from a diverse perspective. From management, to strategy, to operations, to HR and financial advice, we’ll help you to fine tune your decisions to tackle challenges in the most optimal way possible that answers every aspect of your business.
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Identify the right opportunities for your business

Corporate Finedge’s experience in the business landscape can help you to navigate certain challenges that make you question your business opportunities. Understand the landscape from a comprehensive standpoint, and make a decision based on actual feedback and insight from the market.
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Streamline your financial policies and procedures

Corporate Finedge brings you a breadth of compliance and business expertise that can help you to streamline your financial policies and procedures, to ensure that your business is well protected, while running at optimal capacity from a financial standpoint.
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Full Service
Business Advisory

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From strategic planning to tax based incentives, Corporate Finedge brings across our expert experience in a practical and transparent manner that our clients appreciate.

Turn our valuable advice and support into business decisions that can generate the most impact, in the shortest possible time.

Some of the types of business processes that you can outsource to us include:

Strategic planning, and execution

Corporate Finedge can advise you on the best strategies and business practices that can benefit your business most.
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Financial Project Management

Corporate Finedge can advise you on the financial feasibility of your next business project or product.
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Business & Operations Restructuring

We can oversee the restructuring of your business and operations for greater efficiency & performance.
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Full Fundraising Transaction Support

If you are raising funds, Corporate Finedge can help ensure a smooth transaction and maximize the value you realize from the transaction.
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Personal Wealth Management Report

Corporate Finedge can conduct a thorough financial analysis on your personal wealth, and generate a detailed report outlining your net worth.
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Mergers, Acquisition & Disposals

Corporate Finedge can facilitate every step of your M&A, as well as disposals of companies, ensuring a smooth process throughout.
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Tax Based Incentives

Corporate Finedge can advise you on the latest tax-based incentives, and can help to assess if you qualify for incentives and schemes.
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Have a business challenge you don’t see answered here?

If you have a business challenge that you’d like an answer to, but don’t see it in the list above, reach out to a business specialist now, and we just might have a solution for you.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our Accounting Advisory professionals come from all walks of life, and bring a depth of experience combining technical knowledge and experience, regulatory and standard setting experience, complex transaction and event understanding and process enhancement and project management capabilities.
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in-depth advice

Get insights where it matters

Combining our various skills and knowledge in accounting and financial reporting processes, Corporate Finedge provides practical advice to clients from a management point of view. Get insights on your figures, and make the right business decisions.
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Survive and thrive

Adapt, Succeed, Thrive

In today's complex and fast changing global environment, organizations urgently need specialist technical accounting advice and support to help them adapt, succeed and thrive during these difficult times. Corporate Finedge offers insight, advice and management nuggets to help you make the right decision, without the hefty management fees.
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Focus on your business advantage, we’ll do the rest

Corporate FinEdge helps busy and results driven companies like yours conduct extensive market research and figure out the potential impact of your business decisions, so that you can focus on your business success. Remove guesswork from your business strategy with a professional services firm trusted by thousands of companies.


Flexible Options

Outsource non-essential, time-consuming aspects of your business, such as expenses, profits, and assets.
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Industry-Grade Advice

Stay up to date with financial trends, common mistakes, and know your best options for dealing with any specific business situation.
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Save Cost, Gain Time

Get expert advice and help direct from the professionals and make better decisions for your business with confidence.
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Focus On Your Core

With Corporate Finedge, enable deep dive into mission-critical business drivers that are core to your business success.
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All In For Your Business Success

Since 2009, Corporate FinEdge has been partnering over 1,000 businesses to help them become leaner, more flexible and more competitive, by offloading routine, repetitive business tasks that need to be expertly done. Through a unique blend of cross-disciplinary expertise, knowledge and network connections, we’re all in to ensure your business success.

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