Outsource Your Business Process To Improve Performance & Remove Roadblocks

Corporate FinEdge’s strategists help clients looking to achieve high performance to make remarkable returns on their growth, by suggesting measures to control costs, reduce risk, foster collaboration, increase transparency or grow their businesses.
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Why Outsource Your Business Processes?

Concentrate On What Matters In Your Business Without Being Bogged Down

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a valuable strategy for Clients looking to achieve high performance by controlling costs, reducing risk, fostering collaboration, increasing transparency or growing their businesses.

Concentrate on higher-level business decisions

Never worry about the minute details of executing any business plan or decision. Corporate Finedge gives you the necessary scale, flexibility and technological expertise to push your plans ahead with confidence.
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Eliminate Accounting Staff Turnover

Don’t get caught in an accounting bottleneck because your accountant resigns or moves on. With Corporate Finedge’s always-available accounting expertise, your accounts are always on point, and on time.
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Never be obstructed by business operations again

Avoid having to hold your plans back because of inadequate capabilities to handle certain business operations, and delay your business success as a result. With access to Corporate Finedge’s full suite of Business Processes at your control, there’s only full speed ahead.
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Improve your organisation’s performance at every level

With access to Corporate Finedge’s years of experience business processes, coupled with our accounting expertise, your organisation’s performance significantly improves reliably, and predictably.
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Full Service

Business Process Outsourcing

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Drive long-term efficiencies and sustainable success; be it the outsourcing of single non-core activities, to multiple critical processes requiring specialist expertise with Corporate Finedge’s complete suite of business processes handling.

Some of the types of business processes that you can outsource to us include:


Let Corporate Finedge handle all of your monthly payroll requirements and obligations.
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Get clear reports on the numbers that matter with Corporate Finedge’s accounting function monthly/yearly.
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Let us handle your tax obligations, while also advising you the best way to avoid overpaying your taxes.
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Human Resources

Corporate Finedge ensures that the right policies are in place to operate at your maximum capacity.
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Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Finedge can handle all of the mundane, routine, yet necessary administrative tasks.
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Offshore Operations

Going offshore to expand your business operations, or to benefit from overseas’ operating environment?
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Have a business process you don’t see here?

If you have a business process that you’d like to outsource, but don’t see it in the list above, reach out to a business specialist now, and we just might have a solution for you.

Benefit From Partnering With A BPO Expert Like Corporate Finedge

Real Transformations

We have proven expertise in handling significant transformation programs that deliver real benefits to clients in crucial business pillars.

Do The Right Thing

We always ensure we "right shore' our Clients business to meet their requirements, protecting their reputation while still delivering benefits.

Aligned With Latest Regulations & Standards

Corporate Finedge is fully compliant with all statutory requirements and legal regulations in the regions that we operate in. That means you’ll never have to worry that you’ll run into troubles with the law when you work with us.

Ethics & Professionalism At The Highest Level

Corporate Finedge subscribes to a strong sense of ethics and has over the years demonstrated a proven ability to develop a close cultural fit with our Clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and are in control.

Focus on your business advantage, we’ll do the rest

Corporate FinEdge helps busy and results driven companies like yours handle all the financial and accounting legwork, so that you can focus on your business success. 

Outsource your financial and accounting operations to us for better results at a lower price than an in-house accountant.


Flexible Options

Outsource non-essential, time-consuming aspects of your business.
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Industry-Grade Advice

Stay up to date with financial trends, common mistakes, and make the right moves.
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Save Cost, Gain Time

Get expert advice direct from professionals and make better decisions for your business with confidence.
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Focus On Your Core

Enable deep dive into mission-critical business drivers that are essential drive your business success.
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All In For Your Business Success

Since 2009, Corporate FinEdge has been partnering over 1,000 businesses to help them become leaner, more flexible and more competitive, by offloading routine, repetitive business tasks that need to be expertly done. Through a unique blend of cross-disciplinary expertise, knowledge and network connections, we’re all in to ensure your business success.

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