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Owners of significant fortunes face complex challenges in the management of their family assets. Corporate Finedge's diverse network and industry repertoire can assist you and your trusted advisors to develop a comprehensive, integrated and more institutional approach to managing your family’s wealth.
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Generational wealth needs to be safeguarded, protected, and well-managed from one generation to the next. But often times, without a well-rounded and well-thought out strategy, family wealth management can become chaotic and expose you to "leaking" holes that cause financial ruin and worse, family upsets. 

Corporate Finedge's team of experienced Family Office Advisors can help you to formulate a solid strategy that promotes family harmony, manage your funds according to your objectives, and even allocate funds the right way to the causes you believe in.
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Highly Trained Family office Specialists

Corporate Finedge's Family Office specialists have years of diverse family and fund management expertise between them, and specialise in formulating and implementing the right strategies that maximises your funds in line with your objectives.
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In-depth advice

Get insights where it matters

Combining our various skills and knowledge across the financial industry, and combined with years of experience in the field, we give you the most practical and up-to-date solutions about how best to utilise, protect, and grow your wealth. Simply put, you get the best insights with Corporate Finedge.
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Your net worth, our network

Utilise Corporate Finedge's extensive network across Southeast Asia to take your ambitions further. With Corporate Finedge's repertoire, skill and contacts in the field, we can help take your Family's Wealth to the next level.
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Your family's wealth in safe hands.

Corporate Finedge acts as your go-to provider for you and your trusted advisors, providing a suite of solutions across various financial lines, so your Wealth gets the adequate treatment it deserves.
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Family office solutions At your fingertips

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From family governance, to investment governance, to operational governance, and to wealth management, Corporate Finedge gives you a complete peace of mind with your family funds.

Family governance

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Create an overall strategy that can take your family funds further. Corporate Finedge works with you and your advisors to formulate, implement and communicate a strategy throughout your family so you can have complete peace of mind.

Formulate Strategy

Formulate a fund strategy that your family's wealth deserves, and align it with your objectives.
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Implement Strategy

Execute your strategy with speed, clarity and precision throughout your family, with efficiency.
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Family Constitution

Promote family harmony and manage changes in your wealth and your objectives.
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Charitable Foundations

Create or donate to a cause that you believe in, setting the stage for your family's name.
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Philanthrophic Activities

Engage your next generation in causes that you care deeply about, and involve them at every step.
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Create A Family Office

We can advise you to create a family office to encapsulate all these efforts in one place in your name.
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Investment governance

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Take the next step to invest and take your wealth to the next level. Corporate Finedge works with you to establish strategic asset allocation that meets your objectives and risk appetites accordingly.

Investment Policy Statement

Dictate how your investment portfolios will be managed, supervised and adjusted as situations change.
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Third-Party Selections

Get insights and "audits" on third-party fund managers to identify the best people to take your funds forward.
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Monitor & Adapt

We can continually monitor the performance of fund managers on your behalf, ensuring alignment.
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Wealth management

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Structure your wealth, and involve your family with the right care and experience in planning and governance. With Corporate Finedge, your wealth and legacy can be entrusted to the next generation with complete peace of mind.

Wealth Strategy

Grow your business and/or wealth with the right instruments and strategy in place. We apply the required knowledge, expertise and network with careful execution to keep your wealth growing.
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Monitor The Upkeep Of Funds

We can help you to constantly monitor your funds, and ensure that everything is seamless, giving you complete peace of mind that your funds are working hard for you and your family.
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