Payroll Outsourcing

Reduce Operating Costs & Risks, While Boosting Productivity & Profit

Pay your staff on time, while reducing painful administrative headaches with payroll. Equipped with advanced payroll software systems and a good understanding of the Employment Act, Corporate FinEdge helps you to save significant headcount costs, by processing payroll accounts efficiently and securely, while providing HR-related services all from one place.
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Why Work With A Payroll Partner?

Save Time, Effort And Stress When You Work With Us

Why hire a full-time Human Resources personnel just to process your payroll and perform basic HR functions? Corporate Finedge gives you all the benefits of paying your staff on time, while advising you on the latest HR policies and best practices that can boost productivity towards business success.

Audit & Assurance

When you work with a Corporate FinEdge auditor, details matter. As the gatekeeper of your shareholders’ interests, we make every effort to ensure that every figure checks out. Our audit assurance approach goes beyond reviewing financial statements of profit and non-profit organisations. We deep-dive right into your business operations: covering statutory audits, sales audits, internal audits and certification to ensure complete compliance.
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No More Paperwork & Frustrated Employees

It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of business success, and payroll happens to be that one thing that is often forgotten. Unfortunately, late payment doesn’t just cause frustrations — it’s against the law, too. With Corporate Finedge, you’ll avoid these problems by paying your staff on time — keeping them focused on the work at hand. 

*As per the Singapore Employment Act., companies need to pay exact salary to their employees in a timely manner within 7 days after the end of salary period or else they would be penalised.
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Reduce costs and risks in calculations

It’s easy to get payroll calculations wrong; and this can lead to very serious repercussions down the line. Miscalculating CPF and Salaries may lead to potential penalties by the authorities. With a dedicated payroll partner, you’ll never get into trouble for the wrong reasons, and can focus on your business success.
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Get a 360° improvement in your HR function

When you work with Corporate Finedge, we don’t just help you pay your employees on time. We will also designate a dedicated team to address your payroll queries and render advice on payroll policies and practices including employment contracts, disciplinary procedures, staff handbooks, general compliance queries. The end result is a comprehensive improvement in your HR function.
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Save yourself from the painful paperwork

For what it’s worth, payroll remains a very painful process that is hard to calculate, and takes up much effort and energy to keep track of over the month. That energy and attention could have been better spent focusing on your core activities. Free up that precious resource, and let us do the heavy lifting.
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Critical payroll functions

Full Service

Payroll & HR Outsourcing At Your Command

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Corporate Finedge provides 360° payroll and HR support to ensure that you always pay your staff on time, file your payroll obligations correctly, while benefiting from the correct HR guidelines that keep your staff’s productivity at an all-time high.

Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contributions

Documents will be submitted to you, where you can upload and pay CPF will one click.
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CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF Contributions

Help direct your staff’s donations to communities ensuring that donations are properly logged.
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Year-End CPF Reconciliations and Documents

Provide a full Set of Tax Filing Documents to IRAS and your Employees, including IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A/8B, and IR21.
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Child Care Leave Claims

Manage your staff’s child care leave claims that are paid for by the Government from the 4th to 6th day of child care leave.
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Maternity Claim Processing

Working mothers (including self-employed) can enjoy maternity leave benefits under the GPML scheme. We help you to process these claims.
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National Service Claims

Help your staff to file their National Service Make Up Pay during their In-camp training or national service commitments.
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Best HR Guidelines & Practices

Human Resources isn’t just about payroll and ensuring that claims are filed on time. When you work with us, we also want to ensure that all your HR policies are in check, and optimised for your business success. That’s why we designate a dedicated team to address your payroll queries and advise you on your payroll policies and practices includingemployment contracts, disciplinary procedures, staff handbooks, general compliance queries.
the process

Here’s How It Works

Give Us The Necessary Documents

Once the project commences, we’ll require you to pass us certain documents that will help us better serve you. These documents include:
  • Employment contracts & salary information

  • Assorted Timesheets (if any)

  • Commission information

  • Annual & medical leave information

  • Hiring & firing records

  • Salary increment information

    Data Processing & Preparation

    Based on the submitted documents, we’ll help you to process and prepare the documents. This includes data cleaning and data matching.

    See An Improvement In Your Productivity

    Corporate Finedge will help you with your key payroll obligations every month, and assist you to improve your HR policies & processes to boost productivity.

    All In For Your Business Success

    Since 2009, Corporate FinEdge has been partnering over 1,000 businesses to help them become leaner, more flexible and more competitive, by offloading routine, repetitive business tasks that need to be expertly done. Through a unique blend of cross-disciplinary expertise, knowledge and network connections, we’re all in to ensure your business success.

    Highly Trained Professionals

    Our Human Resources professionals come from all walks of life, and bring a depth of experience combining technical knowledge and experience, regulatory and standard setting experience, complex transaction and event understanding and process enhancement and project management capabilities.
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    Focus on your business advantage, we’ll do the rest

    Corporate FinEdge helps busy and results driven companies like yours handle all the financial and accounting legwork, so that you can focus on your business success. 

    Outsource your financial and accounting operations to us for better results at a lower price than an in-house accountant.


    Flexible Options

    Outsource non-essential, time-consuming aspects of your business, such as expenses, profits, and assets.
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    Industry-Grade Advice

    Stay up to date with financial trends, common mistakes, and know your best options for dealing with any specific business situation.
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    Save Cost, Gain Time

    Get expert advice and help direct from the professionals and make better decisions for your business with confidence.
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    Focus On Your Core

    With Corporate Finedge, enable deep dive into mission-critical business drivers that are core to your business success.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why do I have to outsource my company’s payroll function?

    You definitely can handle your own payroll yourself. However, if you wish to save time, effort and avoid unnecessary stress, then we’d advise that you outsource this function, and free up critical resources to focus on your business drivers.

    What are the benefits of using payroll software?

    Instead of relying on largely manual processes to keep track of payroll and taxes, modern payroll software can help you automate much of the legwork involved, and ensure smooth transactions. Ultimately, using payroll software can simplify the whole process, and save time and effort for other more crucial business activities.

    Why do I need to file Form IR21?

    When foreign employees (non-Singapore citizens) cease employment with an organization in Singapore, plan to leave Singapore for over 3 months, or if they opt for an overseas posting, it’s essential to get tax clearance for that employee. The employer has to file an IR21 form and withhold all dues for the employee for the purpose of tax clearance. This is applicable for all work pass holders, which also includes PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) holders.

    Is working with Corporate Finedge expensive?

    While there are definitely costs involved, working with an outsourced taxation services provider like Corporate Finedge can actually be much more cost effective than hiring an in-house Human Resources Executive, or an accountant.

    Moreover, working with a seasoned firm like Corporate Finedge means that you do not have to send your staff for constant skills upgrading, or study the ever-changing human resources standards, to keep your accounts up to date.

    Simply put, working with a company like Corporate Finedge allows you to accelerate your business success.

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