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Meet Your Tax Compliance Obligations & Responsibilities With Ease

Accurately meet your tax compliance obligations and responsibilities on time, and on point. Corporate FinEdge helps you to identify tax planning opportunities and provide specialised tax services to minimise our clients’ tax liabilities within existing tax regulations and frameworks.
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Why Work With A Taxation Partner?

Save Taxes, Time, And Effort When You Work With Us

Why waste time filling complex forms out and tending to time-wasting enquiries, when you’ve got a business to run? Corporate Finedge gives you all the benefits of filing your taxes right — while saving you from unnecessary stress and taxes paid.

Leverage the latest tax incentives & rebate schemes

Corporate Finedge’s taxation experts are up to date in our understanding of the Singapore Government’s latest tax incentives and rebate schemes — and are always on the lookout for programs that can benefit our clients.
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Specific, tailored advice to reduce your tax obligations

When you work with Corporate Finedge, you get customised tax advice that is tailored to your business and your situation. Instead of having to figure complicated tax requirements yourself, you can rely on our tax experts to get first hand advice.
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Save time, money, effort and stress on tax burdens

When you outsource your taxation work to Corporate Finedge, you free up precious resources to focus on your business success. That means you can accelerate your business growth by focusing on your business drivers, at a price that is lower than an in-house headcount.
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Critical payroll functions

Full Service

Taxation Experts At Your Call

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Corporate Finedge provides 360° taxation filling support to ensure that you are always in compliance with the latest taxation standards and government regulations. Relieve pressure off your precious business resources as you focus on your business success, and leave the time-consuming taxation tasks to us.

Annual Income Tax

  • Preparation and Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”)
  • Company Tax Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Computation & Corresponding Tax Schedules
  • Filing of Year End Annual Tax Returns to IRAS Standards
  • Handling IRAS’ enquiries as required
  • Lodgment of objections and submission of appeals (if any)
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Corporate Tax

  • Preparation and lodgment of the income tax computation
  • Filing of annual tax return to IRAS
  • Verifying assessments issued by IRAS
  • Lodging objections and submitting appeals (if necessary)
  • Attending to IRAS investigations and queries (if any)
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GST Filing

  • Quarterly filing of GST F5
  • GST Advisory and Review
  • GST Registration (additional charges apply)
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Transfer pricing advisory

  • Develop tax-structures to improve compliance with legal requirements

  • Evaluation of transfer pricing exposures

  • Strategic transfer pricing services

  • Review pricing methodology for new transactions

  • Performing benchmark studies for new intra-group transactions

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Other Taxation Requests

Have a specific taxation requirement that you don’t see here? Let us know, and we just might be able to help you with that.
the process

Here’s How It Works


Our taxation experts will learn about your business and its unique tax requirements/challenges. We’ll also identify several tax schemes you could immediately qualify for.

    Prepare & File

    We’ll prepare and file your Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) on your behalf, on time. We’ll also compute and file your income tax return (Form C-S or Form C).

    Follow Up

    If there are any follow-up enquiries from the authorities, we will handle them on your behalf, and provide the necessary information to facilitate the taxation process. We will also handle all appeals on your behalf.

    All In For Your Business Success

    Since 2009, Corporate FinEdge has been partnering over 1,000 businesses to help them become leaner, more flexible and more competitive, by offloading routine, repetitive business tasks that need to be expertly done. Through a unique blend of cross-disciplinary expertise, knowledge and network connections, we’re all in to ensure your business success.

    Highly Trained Professionals

    Our Human Resources professionals come from all walks of life, and bring a depth of experience combining technical knowledge and experience, regulatory and standard setting experience, complex transaction and event understanding and process enhancement and project management capabilities.
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    In-depth advice

    Get insights where it matters

    Combining our various skills and knowledge in accounting and financial reporting processes, Corporate Finedge provides practical advice to clients from a management point of view. Get insights on your figures, and make the right business decisions.
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    always updated

    Aligned with the latest regulations & standards

    Corporate Finedge prepares your accounts in accordance with International/Singapore Accounting Standards, the Singapore Companies Act and related regulatory requirements, so you never have to worry about irregularities or noncompliance with the latest developments.
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    Focus on your business advantage, we’ll do the rest

    Corporate FinEdge helps busy and results driven companies like yours handle all the financial and accounting legwork, so that you can focus on your business success. 

    Outsource your financial and accounting operations to us for better results at a lower price than an in-house accountant.


    Flexible Options

    Outsource non-essential, time-consuming aspects of your business, such as expenses, profits, and assets.
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    Industry-Grade Advice

    Stay up to date with financial trends, common mistakes, and know your best options for dealing with any specific business situation.
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    Save Cost, Gain Time

    Get expert advice and help direct from the professionals and make better decisions for your business with confidence.
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    Focus On Your Core

    With Corporate Finedge, enable deep dive into mission-critical business drivers that are core to your business success.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you don't get an answer to the question, please reach out to us at

    Do I have to file corporate tax? How do I know?

    You will need to file a Corporate Income Tax Return if your company closed its first set of financial statements in 2019, and derived income or started your business in 2019.

    What’s the tax rate for companies in Singapore?

    With effect from YA 2010, a company is taxed at a flat rate of 17% on its chargeable income regardless of whether it is a local or foreign company.

    What are some business expenses that I can deduct from my taxable income every month?

    Deductible business expenses must satisfy all of the following requirements: Expenses are entirely related to the production of income. Expenses are revenue, not capital (shorter-term expenses incurred in the normal day-to-day operations of the company). Expenses are not prohibited from deduction as per the Income Tax Act. You can review the detailed list of deductible business expenses on the IRAS website.

    Is working with Corporate Finedge expensive?

    While there are definitely costs involved, working with an outsourced taxation services provider like Corporate Finedge can actually be much more cost effective than hiring an in-house accountant. Moreover, working with a seasoned firm like Corporate Finedge means that you do not have to send your staff for constant skills upgrading, or study the ever-changing financial and taxation standards, to keep your accounts up to date. Simply put, working with a company like Corporate Finedge allows you to accelerate your business success.

    What are the due dates for filing my taxes?

    From the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, the due dates to fill your tax documents are: 

    ECI: Due within 3 months of your company’s financial year-end  
    Form C or form C-S: Due by November 30 for paper filing or December 15 for electronic filing

    What are the penalties for late payment of tax, or if I choose not to pay my taxes?

    We’d strongly advise against that. All companies in Singapore must pay their tax within one month from the date of the Notice of Assessment (NOA). Even if a company has filed an objection, it is still required to pay its corporate tax. If the tax isn’t paid by the due date, a 5% penalty is assessed. Subsequently an additional 1% penalty will be imposed for every completed month; the 1% penalty will be imposed per each terminated month that the tax is still unpaid, up to a maximum of 12% of the tax overdue. Subsequently, a company may confront further enforcement actions including legal actions by IRAS.`

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